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QUARTIER JORDAAN - Amsterdams most stylish neighborhood

This limited t-shirt edition QUARTIER JORDAAN is a homage to a one of a kind neighborhood that easily resembles the fashionable Marais in Paris. How the Jordaan got its name is to discuss, some say it originates from the word Jardin many centuries ago because of the many beautiful gardens and flowers that bloomed and where streets such as Rozengracht, tuinstraat and Leliegracht and many more are named after. 

Till this day is the Jordaan a neighborhood to see and been seen, walking along the picturesque streets surrounded by the many effortless styled people that live or are drawn to this neighborhood, enjoying the many small bistros and cafes, delicious bakeries, buying a bouquet in a flower shop or strolling Mondays vintage market. 

Made from 100% organic cotton with a fashionable font and cultural message. With love and care designed in The Jordaan.