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we are conscious

We care a lot about our collection, but we care more about the people who manufacturer it for you!

As we find find it your right to know where we produce our collection we are transparent about it. Fact is that 3rd world countries still rely on western countries production demand. While we want to offer you the best product against a best price possible we see it as a positive win-win situation to supply from these countries so you get the product you love against a fair price, manufactured by people that work in a safe and clean working environment earn a fair wage and can provide for there families for a good future, this how it should be!

We only work with companies that are Hand-in-Hand and Amfori BSCI associated. 

All our materials are tested and certified organic* made to last a long time so your favorite item goes a long long way :-)  Also we believe in sustainability where possible. 

After production is ready and shipped back to us we finalize the collection at our Amsterdam home base.


* The Jordaan X The World t-shirt and hoodie collection is produced out of 100% organic cotton and partly from recycled material.