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The Jordaan, a Amsterdam neighborhood with a warm heart for their (homeless) neighbor.

Being homeless is not strictly a reality in 3rd world countries or countries at war. As cities grow more each day sadly enough homeless people grow with them. While it is humans first necessity in life and the right to have a place you can call home is not a given to unfortunately many. 

The invincible inhabitant ´´lives´´ also in the Jordaan neighborhood. How can you tell someone is homeless? Be surprised that the typical stigma of a non showered individual wearing ragged clothes or being an alcoholic is not always the case. Being homeless has many different faces, ages, backgrounds and stories and from many different unfortunate situations where the system does not seem to work along. 

Besides organizations that are active in Amsterdam like the Salvation Army and other Amsterdam local initiatives, more active on a micro base is Koffiehuis Amsterdam located Haarlemmerstraat 146. Our admiration for this team with a warm heart that try where possible to keep people off the street offering a word, a warm drink and food. 

Foreman heroes Ronald who runs the show at the Koffiehuis and Mourad who is a unmissable addition himself to the location where ones in need after participating helping to keep the Jordaan and Haarlemmerbuurt streets clean can grab a free coffee and snack or a healthy meal against a very little price. Besides this the social aspect is of such much value, just to be seen and heard this is just as valuable having a place to call home. 

We are proud that Ronald and Mourad were able to spare some of their precious time modeling our sweatshirts! (which they like to wear as well) You can read more in our Q & A series. 


Ronald wears the classic sweatshirt in Amsterdam green - shop here

Mourad wears the classic sweatshirt in Dark blue - shop here 

Support Koffiehuis Amsterdam which is a great initiative where help is always welcome! 

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