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Coffe to go or to stay?

The Jordaan neighborhood holds the address to many coffee to go and stay spots. To drink when it’s alone or in company, coffee is also in Dutch culture a fun tasty habit. Besides the gezellige small cafe’s who brew a hot cup of Joe or in Dutch a kopje koffie many coffee concepts incl. their hipster baristas serving you your daily caffeine (or decaf) intake. 

Black, latte, macchiato, Americano or a flat oat white? You name it! At Luuks coffee they got your coffee intake needs covered. This relatively new coffee concept edition to the Jordaan neighborhood stands out in our opinion. Located along the Westerstraat is not to be missed. The inviting set up visible from the large window front guaranteed draws you in. 

Entering the small yet smartly set-up space is comfortable enough to settle down on the long bar with a view of the Noordermarkt. In the background you hear the nice tunes, the color theme brings you easely in a relaxed mood to enjoy one of your favorite coffees, and if you are craving a sweet, the cakes and cookies are yum yum! 

Nice detail that every so week's artist displays their contemporary art for purchase.

Overall is Luuks Coffee a new inviting coffee hot spot favorite in the Jordaan neighborhood. 

As the Amsterdam born and raised owner Luuks Nijsen shares; After a career in commercial business jobs the COVID period gave me time to reflect and chase my coffee entrepreneur dream. 

Luuk wears the classis sweatshirt in dark blue - shop here

Insta: @luukscoffee

Westerstraat 3, Amsterdam







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