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Beauty and brains

That beauty and brains work together proofs Juno Bruijnen, the Jordaan born and raised law student at UvA law school comes from the family who were the first famous puppeteers on the Dam square.  

Like Juno explains what makes the Jordaan neighborhood so special? 

It´s my home, my childhood, my family, My heart is in the Jordaan and will always be here.

We ask her how she styles her Jordaan items? 

I love wearing oversized sweatshirts with just a sporty outfit so I can share my sweatshirts with my father, brother or boyfriend, I always steal their clothes so this is perfect for me! 

Also a insider tip from Juno what to do, visit or see in the Jordaan; 

Enjoy appeltaart from cafe Wester and go visit the Jordan Museum and let me know if you spot my family´s puppets!!

Clear is that also the younger generations Jordanezen keep the Jordaan neighborhood close to their hearts. 


Juno wears the classic sweatshirt in dark blue - shop here 



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