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Amsterdam Hairdressers, a girl´s, womens, boys and mens best friend.

Like most women and men we all want a good hairdo. Long, short, bold, curly, straight, natural color or blue, we all have our own hairstyle. Some have the luck to wake up every morning with perfect hair, some unfortunately don’t. But thanks to the hair Gods for all the salons and hair stylists that are there to the rescue! 

The Jordaan neighborhood holds many hair salons, maybe this is to refer back to the days that Jordenees women were a very frequent visitor when it came down to maintaining hair. Back in the 60ties when dramatically backcombing off mostly platinum blond colored hair named suikerbrood haar, translated sugarbread hair was the style you can imagine that hair salons did good local business. Now that this style has passed you will still find on almost every Jordaan and Amsterdam street a hair salon or many to answer all your hairstyle needs. 

One of them is Boyd who lived and worked for over 15 years in Amsterdam and also the Jordaan. Besides being a top hairstylist he also trained for high end professional hair labels and was several times nominated for the Coiffure Award. After 17 years being a true hair professional with an impressive CV Boyd opened again his beautiful salon very close to the Jordaan at only a couple minutes by bike along De Clercqstraat where you feel directly at home and in good (scissor and color) hands. 

Boyd explains; I am all about open and honest hair advice, and regarding your wishes together we find the harmony between you and your own style that expresses itself in your perfect hairstyle.

With the Jordaan close to his heart Boyd shares with us some Jordaan insider tips; Visit the Noorder and Westermarkt on Monday and Saturday and Absolutely go by La Olivia! 


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Insta: @boydhairstyling

De Clercqstraat 122, Amsterdam 



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