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Asian fusion with some funky beats

The Jordaan neighborhood has built itself a name when it comes down to getting a good bite out. Bordering the bustling Haarlemmerbuurt area is a snack and dine route which always brings us to our absolute favorite go to restaurant De vrouw met de baard, translated The bearded woman

As the outdoor slogan describes; Street Food from Brooklyn to Bali is owned and runned but the magical duo Mas van de Putten en Carl Lemette included help from Tamara and family dog Robbie, surrounded by colorful, funky beats (Carl is a DJ too :-) homie Asian vibes cook the most incredible signature dishes. 

Many choices to pick but their Rengang is our absoluut favorite! This traditional Indonesian dish a stew from beef cooked to silky tenderness, is heaven on earth! We love their vegetarian options as well and their in house created sambal, a Asian take on hot sauce is a necessity of every dish you need to spice up! Inspired to create some dishes at home then the DVMDB Soulfood cookbook is a true gift to yourself or others. 

 Soul food for the foodie soul is what this gem is all about! 


Mas wears the classic hoodie in dark blue - shop here 

Tamara wears the classic sweatshirt in green - shop here 

Carl wears the classic hoodie in heather dark grey - shop here 


For more info and shop;

Insta: @devrouwmetdebaard

Buiten Brouwersstraat 19 H, Amsterdam 











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