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Amsterdam, a place to call home

For centuries Amsterdam has become a new home to many to call their new home. Already during the golden ages people from all over the world settled in the fast growing Northern European city. Many different cultures and religions and all walks of life lived next to each other and still do, this is the result of the open minded city Amsterdam is. 

Amsterdam is an appealing city to foreigners who for a short or longer stay call the Dutch capital home. Besides the many tourists from all over the globe that visit yearly many young professionals are drawn to Amsterdam and when career opportunities appear not many think twice to commit to work, live and settle in this small internationally minded European city. 

Amsterdammers overall have a very welcoming attitude towards the new inhabitants and communicating in English is not a problem, we actually like to show off our language skills a bit and to be honest we pretty much have to be able to communicate in several languages because who speaks (directly) Dutch ;-) 

The Jordaan neighborhood is by far very appealing to tourists and expats, and understandably why. Besides the charming canals and little site streets packed with hot spots, the mix of people and the welcoming attitude that the Jordanezen show is such an easy area to move around in. 

Native New Yorker and young professional Jordan London, a new local and also a The Jordaan Collection client and supporter quotes; The Jordaan neighborhood gives me that ‘’home away from home’’ feeling. There is always something going on and I truly feel alive walking through the Jordaan, or exploring the Noordermarkt and neighboring nine streets area. 

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