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Always look at the bright side of life

That Amsterdammers and Rotterdammers actually get along pretty well with each other is true! Although Holland is so small, all 12 provinces have their own culture and two cultures that are most bespoked are the ones from the two largest Dutch cities. 

Can it be the soccer clubs battle between Ajax, the Amsterdam club and Fyenoord from Rotterdam because when it´s match time, of course both cities and supporters want their clubs to be the Dutch champion! Or the other reasons both cities think what could be true about each other? Well the unimportant details we rather leave behind! 

A good example is that this veta is kind of baloney and that the most friendly and fun Rotterdammers live in the Jordaan like Pim, always an optimist with a bright happy smile. 

Big props for Pim how he proved that during challenging times considering his personal health he stayed very optimistic and took direct action! 

Pim is also your go to when it comes down to what to check out during your visit to the Jordaan, one of Pim´s Amsterdam insider tips is to wander around the Westermarkt where also the Anna Frank house and museum are situated which makes you leave in tears but nevertheless it is so important to realize there must be no hate between each other. To stand still for a moment watching the sun hug the 17th century canal houses and to finish or start the evening the Pulitzer bar, located in the Pulitzer Hotel for a fancy cocktail. 

Well Pim a toast to you! To Rotterdammers, Amsterdammers and everybody else from wherever you are from Amsterdam welcomes you! 







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